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53 Winter Hill Road   ·   Tuckahoe, NY 10707
(914) 961-3643   ·   fax: (914) 961-0283

Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree Ministry

Parish of Immaculate Conception & Assumption of Our Lady

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During Advent, the parish collects gifts for the needy of our community. A tag is provided that describes the gift request and the age and gender of the recipient. When the donor places a gift with the tag under the Jesse Tree, an ornament is hung on the branches of the tree. The tree becomes a symbol of our parish community’s generous gifts and willing spirit of sharing with others.


The 2017 Jesse Tree gift collection for those less fortunate will again encompass the entire parish of Immaculate Conception and Assumption of Our Lady. Gift tags will be available at both churches commencing the weekend of November 18th and 19th.

We encourage everyone to take at least one gift tag for this worthwhile outreach program. Each tag represents a specific request made by a person or group. Many of the requests are similar for each group: clothing, toys. Some are unique – food, household items, gift cards. There are truly reasons behind each request. None should be assumed to be frivolous. The groups served by our parish include battered women and children, unwed mothers, families in transition and need, children and grandchildren of prisoners, the homeless, and children and young adults with special needs and life-threatening illnesses. Their ages range from the unborn to the elderly.

Please obtain a gift tag from one of the baskets located at either church. Return the new, wrapped gift with the gift tag attached and place it under the Jesse Tree at either Church. The tags help us to distribute the gifts to the correct person and group. All gifts must be returned to Church no later than December 17th!

As in past years, we welcome volunteers to assist us in processing the gifts. The dates and times for processing in the Lower Church are outlined below. Please note that someone is always there at the start time specified, but we only stay as long as required to process the gifts that have been dropped off.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill or Kathleen Humphries at 779-5925, 490-8113 or 815-3510.

Volunteer Schedule for 2017 - Lower Church

Please note:
Someone is always in the Lower Church at the Start Time specified below.
We stay as long as required to process the gifts that have been dropped off.

Saturday, December 21 PM - 5 PM
Sunday, December 39 AM - 1 PM
Saturday, December 91 PM - 5 PM
Sunday, December 109 AM - 1 PM
Friday, December 156 PM - 11 PM
Saturday, December 161 PM - 5 PM
Sunday, December 179 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday, December 199 AM - Pickup


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